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25 Vide Conference Icons

Are you looking for a simple way to brighten up a sales presentation? Maybe you want to transform a webinar from boring to bold? Whatever you need to get done, you can do it with this professional, lighthearted icon pack.

File formats
In this package, you get twenty-five beautiful web conference-related icons, ranging from webcams to video players, in both .eps and .ai formats. These are the best image formats for most projects. They can easily be edited, allowing you to make an illustrations as unique as your business.

The .eps format is generally regarded as the optimum format for professional use. A single image can be rendered and resized in any resolution and thusly can be used in virtually any printing size, thanks to a simple mathematical algorithm.

Style and Characteristics

Nobody likes distracting visuals. That’s why ours are expertly designed to complement your presentation, not steal the stage. We use a cartoonish, easy-to-look at style paired with simple, yet bold colors for a sharp and attractive look. No eye-sores here.

Possible Uses
The creative possibilities are endless with this gorgeous icon pack. Blow away clients, impress readers, make killer video conference slides and create the best powerpoints this side of the Mississippi. Create fun and easy flow-charts, make banners for your website, or make a nifty logo. Whatever you create with it, you can be sure it will be stunning.

And, thanks to our commitment to quality, you can be sure you’re only getting the best and easiest to use designs on the market. We know nothing’s more frustrating than complex or broken vector design or an ugly, unattractive visuals. We take every care to make sure you avoid a sour experience.

Applications Supported
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch
File Types

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Last Update:May 29, 2021
Released:February 16, 2021